3435 Highland Road Suite #110 Dallas, Texas 75228

214.744.5606 Office

214.744.7554 Fax


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We work for customers who want the best cleaning offered and we personalize it for you.

Mission Statement :

We make our employees our most important customers so that they will treat each company they service as their most important customer.

Vision Statement :

Our commitment is to provide the best cleaning offered through a commitment to employees that are well paid and have high self esteem.


Welcome and thank you for visiting BMR Janitorial online. Our site offers features that will give you a visual idea of what services we provide.

You will be able to reference some of our clients, contact us, and view photo galleries.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau, it is our duty and obligation to give you the best service we can provide. Our website is a tool we use to reach the masses. It is our hope that you will use this tool and take advantage of its resources and contact us for your business needs.

Again, thank you for visiting the site.

Ben Miller